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Mikasa: "Made in Japan" and growth

Senken Shimbun, 2020 January 29th

Production from China to Japan

The Mikasa sock factory was born in Yokohama in 1962 as wholesaler, in the 2000s began importing socks from China, from 2010 the company has seen its future in Japan so it started moving the production in Katsuragi, Nara.


From Nagata Seiki to Lonati SbyS

The old Nagata Seiki machines have been gradually replaced by Lonati "SbyS.

Thanks to Lonati SbyS, the factory efficiency has increased significantly.


"Made in Japan" and Growth

Despite the difficult situation affecting the entire sector and the increase in VAT in Japan, Mikasa recorded a 5% sales growth in December 2019.

The "made in Japan" now reaches 30% of the production and the annual revenue is growing steadily.

The company is expanding with a new plant in Japan.