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Hydrogen Oxi system

Hydrogen Oxi system

LID and Harley-Davidson® Brescia

LID, Lonati Innovation Department, develops the “Hydrogen Oxi” system for combustion twin cylinder engines together with Harley-Davison® Brescia.

With the objective to introduce a system which could extend the life of combustion engines in terms of adjustment to new antipollution standards, therefore beginning to carry thermal motors fans and their motorcycles towards a sustainable future, after 3 years of studies and developments, slowed down by the pandemic, the Lonati Group innovation department has put on the road an Harley-Davison® Sport Glide equipped with the “Hydrogen Oxi” system.

The system, developed for twin cylinder engines - which compared to other engines can have more advantage with this type of solution - it’s been created through a first setup of the mechanical part, followed by the evolution of the electronic one, which has permitted to arrive to the final put on the road.

The project in general it’s addressed to reduce gas emissions but, during the path of study and research working with the H-D® engine, the Lonati Innovation Department and Harley-Davidson® technicians could observe that the Hydrogen-Oxi intake generates many plusses besides a drastic reduction of emissions, such as an optimization of the engine work, capable of highlight a 30% save of fuel, a drastic reduction of operating temperatures and an exponential cleaning of the combustion chamber and the exhaust system.

Advantages which mean one can count on a much more ecological thermal engine and provided with by far better performances and reliability compared to the same motor without the Hydrogen-Oxi kit. The functioning system uses a mixture designed with specific attention to environmental sustainability and the low operating temperatures certify its strong green orientation.

About ten technicians of the Lonati Innovation Department were involved in the project along with the Harley- Davidson® Brescia technical staff.

The system is now perfectly functioning, we proceed to specific tests and type approval, while the Lonati Group management is working on the marketing strategy for the whole project.

The experience of the Lonati Innovation Department does not end here. Thanks to this project, it has been decided to develop the Hydrogen Oxi technology also for endothermic engine generators.

From left: Giordano Governatori, Marco Gavazzi, Michele Faini, Cesare Polimeni, Alberto Broglio, Francesco Lonati, Cristian Tommasini, Alberto Maffi and Stefano Coppi. 

Hydrogen Oxi system