Technical Data for Women's Series LA

Women's Series LA
Single cylinder
Single cylinder, 4 feed machine for the producion of stockings and pantyhose

Data and technical specifications of consumption

Hood yarn hold-down:   650/700 mm water column

Sock hold-down:   650/700 mm water column

Suction air consumption:  ~3m3/min

Compressed air, at 6 bar with humidity 0° and dryer exit temperature 18/21°C.


Air consumption: 90" average sock cycle:

m/c in "pattern" or "jacquard" production             27NL + "Picot" blow 21NL

m/c in "stocking stitch" or "mesh" production      10NL + "thick sock" blow 21NL



Average oil consumption:       1 kg every 1300/1500 dozens pantyhose


Power input, with a medium sock programme:


m/c LA02MJ – LA04MJ – LA08MJ          0,85kwh a 700rpm

m/c LA04JS                                         0,72kwh a 450rpm

m/c LA04M7 – E7                                0,70kwh a 450rpm – 0,85kwh a 600rpm

m/c LA10 – LA12                                 0,70kwh a 800rpm – 0,85kwh a 1200rpm

m/c LA37                                             0,87kwh a 1500rpm

m/c LA5T                                             0,70kwh a 500rpm

m/c LA41TV                                         0,60kwh a 550rpm


Suction electric fan -- 1,0kw

Suction electric fan "boosted" -- 2,0kw


Average noise level

released by the machine, including suction air:  LeqA ~= 74dBA


Recommended oil grade:



EIL 0287  (ESSO)

Type of recommended grease:  for gaskets, bearings and other components

NYOGEL 774F-1 "Tecnolube Seal"


Dimensions and Weight

Overall machine dimensions:                      mm 1030 x 920 x 1700h
verall machine dimensions with reel stick:      mm 1300 x 1300 x 2500h


Overall packaging dimension:

case --- mm 850x1020x1750h

with 26 reels rack             cage -- mm 840x1100x1790h

pallet --- mm 750x960x1700h


---------------------------------------casse --- mm 850x1120x2050h

with 40 reels rack              cage -- mm 840x1140x2070h

 pallet --- mm 750x960x1700h

Weight: machine:       kg 225


reel stick creel:             +kg. 30 o +kg 75

electric fan:                   +kg. 22 - boosted +kg 30

2 feeders PYF device:    +kg 33

packaging: ---- (case)+kg. 60-65  (cage)+kg. 65/80  (pallet)+ kg. 15




Version 26 reels rack  (cod. D5930193 )







Version 40 reels rack  (cod. D5930192 )








Version reels rack - Natural Fibres Warking - (cod. D5930210 )