Electro-pneumatic single cylinder, 4-feed machine with 2 needle-by-needle selection units on each feed  (tuck and  clearing position – 8 in total) for the production of pantyhose and high-knee socks in baguette pattern - tucked mesh,  jacquard and laid-in piquet effect


Nr. 5 yarn fingers with dual pneumatic control are available on each feed  plus 1 plating motorized yarn finger for angular movement and 2 pneumatic controls for setting height and depth.


Stitch cams controlled by step motors to tighten or loosen the fabric gradually or in any selected area of the garments, mobile stitch cams to produce pantyhose with 2 colours each course,  relief jacquard (cut boss).


Single or double dial jacks


Electronic device to mantain the size at any temperature of the machine.


LA08MJ – Ø4”  < 400 needles > Latch 7mm – max speed 800 rpm

( the maximum speed obtainable depends on various factors like: yarns, stitch’s types, lubricant a.s.o.)


Double-purpose anti-twist device: rotary or fixed.

Suction control valve programmable for infinite variability.

6 pliers suction mouth / 4 knives and extra cleaning air blow

8 sensors yarn sliding control

2 step motors sinker cap (1 motor for angular movement – 1 motor for sinker pressure)

Nr. 5 dual yarn finger plus 1 motorized plating yarn fingers  each feed + 2 additional yarn fingers for pattern on 3 feeds – nr. 30 yarn finger in total

Motorized and mobile stitch cams

Forced and “drip-fed” lubrication for needles and sinkers

Yam creel

The sock ejection hood

Cut yarn recovery filter

High-resolution colour display.

Extra latch-opener for open-work

Valve at 1 or 2 suction points

Weight machine Kg: 225

Yam creel Kg: 28

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Derby Links 1C Series Bravo 900NL is a technical socks production machine double cylinder, single feed machine for the production of men's and children's socks and pantyhose. The technical socks grant you high performance and quality. Derby Links 1C Series Bravo 900NL has a double cylinder and has a computer-based programming for sock programs and patterns.