Lonati’s Integrated Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management System is certified under UNI EN ISO 9001 2008 and BS OHSAS 18001 2007, proof of its ability to design and manufacture products in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements in terms of the continuous improvement of health & safety in the workplace and environmental protection.

"Green Label" certificate
Lonati Spa is also certified for its eco-friendly qualities, with the "Green Label".
The certificate is based on series ISA 14040 standards. The green label summarizes the parametres characteristics of textile machinery, in terms of energy consumption and environmental impact.  In particular, it gives the value of CO2 impression (Carbon Footprint), calculated on the basis of a referral process and typical surrounding conditions defined by the machine manufacturer.

The company’s quality, health & safety and environmental objectives are:
1. Increased corporate value (creating wealth)
2. Customer satisfaction
3. Effective and efficient process management
4. Enhanced competence, motivation and involvement of quality and health & safety personnel
5. Adoption of a health & safety approach in all business activities
6. Compliance with all the applicable laws on occupational health & safety
7. Organisation of document management to exploit the potential of information technology

ISO 9001

ISO 8001